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gekkoukan ; a persona 3 community.

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Name:♛GEKKOUKAN HIGH: a persona 3 community.
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shin megami tensei ; persona 3.

Persona 3's story, "The Journey", takes place in a modern Japanese city, built and funded by the Kirijo Corporation. Due to events in the past, there is a "Dark Hour", a period of time that exists at midnight between one day and the next that only few people are aware of and remain conscious for; those that aren't appear as coffins, frozen. The Dark Hour bends reality; Gekkoukan High School, where most of the characters attend school during the day, becomes a huge labyrinthine tower called "Tartarus", and beasts called Shadows roam the area, preying on the minds of those still conscious during that time, leaving their victims in near catatonic states outside of the Dark Hour. To learn about these aspects, a group called the "Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad" (SEES) was created, its members both having awareness of the Dark Hour and possessing the ability to call forth a Persona to assist them in battling Shadows. In order to call their Persona, each member aims and fires a gun-like object called an "Evoker" at their head, which does no physical damage but causes significant emotional stress to bring forth their Persona.

- source wikipedia.


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